Monday, April 9, 2012

Organizing Our Bathroom Cabinet

We have a few big house projects on our list that have been put on the back burner.  Logistics, money, and time all play in to why we have yet to tackle them.  One of these projects is our bathroom.  It is in desperate need of a remodel.  I mean really…DESPERATE… need.   We are fairly sure the entire sub floor will have to be replaced due to water damage (the floor is really soft near the tub) and without a floor there is no way we will be able to use the bathroom during the remodel.  Since this is our only bathroom, living in the house during construction will be really difficult.

In the meantime, we are making do with what we have.  The only built in storage cabinet we have is very rough looking.  The cabinet doors broke shortly after we moved in.  They literally rusted off the hinge!  So gross.  I took the doors off and put in baskets to try to organize our toiletries.  We also bought a free standing cabinet from Target to hold our towels.  Over the last year or so, with the addition of my daughter’s things, the toiletries have become unmanageable.  I thought it was time to reorganize!  I was so excited to create a new system and to try to make the space a little prettier without investing too much money or time. 

{Here is the before….}

I was wandering through Target last week and inspiration hit when I saw these cute baskets and matching containers.  The blue was close to the existing bathroom trim and paint color that we currently have.
My plan was to store everyday items in the cute baskets.  I bought four – one for each member of the family.  The plastic containers with lids would be used to store like items that we don’t use as frequently.  I also found a cute storage container with stripes that would work great for stowing away our extra inventory of soap and lotion.  I also found some great labels that would easily label the tubs but still allow for flexibility if I want to change the tubs’ contents.

 It took about an hour to reorganize and purge the cabinet.  

{Here is the after….}

The only thing that was missing was a way to conceal the items.  To give us a little more privacy, I hung a curtain over the front of the cabinet with a tension rod.  I had an old curtain already on hand, so I cut it to size and hemmed it with iron on hem tape.  Although it’s not brand new, it’s still much prettier and neater than what I started with.


Do you have a space that is in need of an organizing update?  Are you like me – biding your time until a bathroom remodel project can be tackled?  I would love to hear and see what you are doing!  

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