Monday, July 9, 2012

Pink Princess Party

My daughter requested a Pink Princess Party for her 3rd birthday.  I had such a good time planning the party and searching for all things 'pink princess.'  We had a special request that Belle and Ariel make an appearance, so I found a few decorations that were specific to these Disney princesses.  Here are a few highlights....

1.  Pink lemonade in a pink dispenser I found at Target for under $10.  Target also had the Disney princess cups.

2.  I made the cupcake toppers with scrapbook paper and cake pop sticks.  The crowns were found on Etsy.  I attached them with double-sided puffy tape to the white circle (also from Etsy).  The scrapbook paper was at Michaels and I used a circle cutter to cut the circles out of the patterned paper.  The white circle with the crown was glued to the scrapbook paper.  I hot-glued this to the cake pop stick and added a white circle to the back to make the back look nice and clean.  The pink cupcakes were made from a recipe I found in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  I colored the frosting pink, too.

3.  Pinterest was the inspiration for the goodie bags.  Cupcake holders and a small circular name plate were attached to the bag with a clothespin.  So simple and easy.  The pinwheels were $1 each at Target.  I also found princess duckies, princess stickers, and candy necklaces with a small crown on Amazon.  We had a few boys at the party so I was sure to have a few pirate items for them.

4.  The table centerpiece was Disney princess.  I found this on Amazon, too.

5.  I love the clearance section at Target.  These lanterns were less than $2 each.  They made a nice addition to the table and helped hold the tablecloth down when the evening breeze kicked in.

6.  A bouquet of pink flowers.

7.  I found princess hats at Target but they were terribly expensive ($3 a hat!).  I made these using a template I found online.  I used glitter glue and ribbon to decorate the hats.  They were simple to make and came in at under $1 a hat.  The girls loved them!  For the boys, I made a few hats in black and added pirate stickers.

8.  I strung party lights across our patio and attached these DIY pom-poms.  It really set the atmosphere.

9.  We made princess cookies to hand out to the adults.  The cookie cutters were from Michaels and we used a simple sugar cookie recipe.

To keep the cost down, we had the party at home.  It was really hot (over 100 degrees) so we had kiddie pools for the kids and misters for the adults.  We also barbecued hot dogs (super easy and cheap).  To make it fun, we had a hot dog bar.  I made little cards with suggested topping combinations I found on the Food Network website.  It was a lot of fun to see what people put on their hot dogs.  Some were very adventurous!

The party was a blast.  My daughter had a great time and really enjoyed that everything really was pink!

Have you planned a party recently?  I would love to hear what you did and what inspirations you found online!

P.S.  I'm sharing this post at Positively Splendid!  You can also find it over at Delightful Order, One Artsy Momma, and  Happy Go Lucky!

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