Friday, April 13, 2012

Creating A Gallery Wall

I have wanted to create a wall gallery for quite some time.  We had pictures taken of our daughter last summer (her two-year old pictures) and then family pictures taken in the fall.  I’m sad to say that I have been storing the pictures under my bed ever since!  A few weeks ago I found a Target coupon for picture frames – by two get one free.  The coupon lit a little a little fire under me and I started looking for frames that I could use in our dining room.  I did not want matching frames, but I did want complimentary frames and frames with matting.  I ended up finding three frames at Target and another at Home Goods.  I picked up the largest frame at Michaels and shopped the house for the remaining frames.  

Here is the wall I decided to hang the pictures on:

I found a great idea on Pinterest {Picture Gallery Wall + Tutes & Tips} for cutting paper the size of the frames and repositioning these templates with painters’ tape.  Here is what the template looked like on the wall:

To hang the pictures, I used another tip I found on Pinterest {Picture Frame Hanging Tip}.  It worked like a charm and I was able to hang all of the pictures straight without making unnecessary holes in the walls.  

Here is the after:

What I love about this project is we were able to bring warmth to the dining room by simply adding pictures to the wall behind our table.  The room is more inviting and I find that I am excited to sit in the space.

Have you ever created a wall gallery?  Where did you decide to hang the pictures and how did it change your home?

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