Dream To-Do List

I love lists.  I mean - I really LOVE lists.  I have an ongoing list for our house.  It is just one of many that I keep lying around.  I am constantly adding to and subtracting from the list.  There is no time frame for completing the projects (unless of course I get a bee in my bonnet and drive my husband so totally crazy he just gives in to get a break!)  I just like to revisit it, see where we are, and see what I might want to tackle next.  Here it is in its entirety (of course until I come up with a new crazy idea).

Master Bedroom Re-Do
Change the paint color.
Wallpaper the closet.
Add a tension rod and curtain over the closet.
Find a cute tie-back for the closet curtain and window curtains.
Change window curtains?
Move tall dresser.
Get the matching dresser from my parents.
Move coat hooks.  Create a “coat” space for us + guests.
DIY headboard for our bed.
Build two shoe boxes for under the bed.
Find a bed skirt.
Update bed sheets and duvet cover.
Rearrange pictures.
Decorative pillows for bed.
Make one of the pillows from bird fabric (have).
Jewelry stand/photos on dressers?

Dining Room Re-Do
Find a buffet.
Shorten bench.
Update dining chairs (2 sets of mismatched chairs).
Change curtain.
Re-organize kids’ space.
Wall gallery.
Find a basket to store the computer.
Find a lamp to put on the buffet.
Frame cards.
DIY yarn vases.
DIY t-shirt bowl.

Kitchen Updates
Find a Lazy Susan for oils.
Create a system for spice overflow.
Create a better system for baking goods.
Re-organize cabinets (hooray for more space and the new buffet).
Create a kitchen “office.”
Tile backsplash.
Re-organize kitchen drawers.  Find a cost effective way to do this!
Lazy Susan for corner cabinet (this is a nightmare cabinet!)
Clean out cleaning supplies and re-organize cabinet.
Re-organize baking pans.
Clean glass baking dishes and cookie sheets.
Re-organize kid dishes.
Install a new kitchen floor.
Change paper in glass cabinets.

Family Room Re-Do
Paint – I am thinking a soft brown?
Fix built in (knicks in wood, backing in cabinet)
Paper or paint bookshelf back.
Create a better system for kid toys that are near play kitchen.
Lose furniture…?  We have three large pieces at the moment.
Update lighting.
DIY sofa table.
Update curtains.
Make new pillows for the couch.

Bathroom Remodel ('nuff said) 

Son's Room
     Paint the vertical shelving.
     Reorganize the closet (largest closet in house).
     Find a new dresser/refurbish dresser. 

Daughter's Room
      Refinish her new bed!  
      Create a dress-up space.
      Fix current paint color.
      Add a closet (Ikea hack).
      Create shoe storage.

Basement Re-Organization
Major cleaning!!
Re-organize hand-me-downs.
Create a nice, clean laundry space. 
Re-organize yard tools.
Re-organize tools.

       Plant small row of shrubs in front of azaleas

      Plant a vegetable garden.
      Create a bean trellis (Pinterest idea).
      Get creative on summer shade ideas.
      Plant roses along back fence and train them to climb.
      Add more shrubs around garden border.
      Fix bender board.
      Remove small rock and put in decomposed granite path? 
      Plant flower bed with ornamental flowers. 
      Add a dogwood tree near the garage.
      Repot blueberries and create a path to them.
      Reorganize potted plants on the patio.
      Create additional seating.

Major Projects
     Install whole house fan.
     Update/Install central heat/air.
     Electrical updates.
     Fix trim on windows.
     Paint house.
     Repaint doors.
     Install screen doors.

Front Porch
Fix broken floor piece by door.
DIY small table.
Shoe storage.

Garage/Play Room Re-Organization
Create an art center.
Move old school supplies to basement.
Decorate (recruit the kids to help).
Fix broken dresser. 
Create seating area.
DIY Pottery Barn style chalk boards.

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