About Our Home

In 2005, my husband and I bought our first home.  The two bedroom one bath house was built in 1922 and can be described as a craftsman high water bungalow.  It is approximately 950 square feet. 

We moved right in after closing.  There was little time or money to spend on home improvements, so the only initial changes we made were to the interior paint colors.  The previous owners had painted each room a different eclectic color – mint green, light pink, baby blue, and fire engine red.  The kitchen had been recently renovated and was primarily white and black.  The weekend we moved in, we had a mad crazy work party.  All of our family and friends helped us repaint the interior walls.  We selected a beautiful honey color for the family room and dining room.  We left the master bedroom red and painted the second bedroom green.  

We have made a few changes to the interior of the house since moving.  When our first child arrived, we converted the master bedroom to two smaller bedrooms.  We moved our room to the smaller front room which we now consider the master.  We have changed paint colors in all the bedrooms a few times – the bright red is long gone.  When our second child arrived, we converted our office to a nursery.  We still have the honey colored walls in the dining and living room and we have not changed anything in the kitchen.  Our bathroom is in desperate need of a remodel, but we are waiting to start this project.  We will likely have to move out of our home for a few weeks while it is being completed.

Living in a small home has its challenges.  I find that I am always rearranging furniture or looking for new storage solutions to maintain order in the house.  If you can believe it, we only have two closets in the whole house!  With two small children, the toys can make the house feel cluttered and the house can become messy very quickly.  Now that our second child is here, I have recently felt the urge to really make our house a home.  Not only am I striving to organize our small space in a useful, meaningful way, but I am also trying to define our individual style.  I am ready to feel proud of how hard we have worked to create a comfortable, organized space for our children to grow in.

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