Monday, May 21, 2012

Cord Organization

All of our computer cords are centrally located in my son's room.  Originally the office, it seemed like a good place to keep the modem, telephone, fax machine, and computer.  Now that we have converted the room to a nursery, the cords and blinking lights are a bit unsightly.  
 I had an idea to hide the cords inside a storage box.  I found this box at Cost Plus.  There was a little damage on the lid so I was able to get the store manager to mark it down a few dollars.

I cut out two sides of the box and placed the lid on the bottom for added support.

Using these amazing labels by Martha Stewart, I bundled all the lose cords and labeled them for quick identification.

Then I tucked all of the cords, the telephone, and wireless router into the box.  I couldn't completely hide the modem or power strip (I wanted to make sure there was still air flow), but I am very happy with the outcome.  Everything is organized and nicely hidden.  Here is the before and after.

How do you organize cords at your house?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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